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How fibreglass pools are made

The fibreglass pool shell is effectively a one-piece structure made of  various layers of fibreglass materials, all melded together. The swimming pool shell typically ends up about 5+mm thick.

The Mould of Swimming Pools

Fibreglass pools are constructed from a mould in our factory. At Cosmo Fibre-Tech Pools, our moulds are made of fibreglass and reinforced on the inside.  We start with an orange mould underneath and  layer the pool shell on top  of it in reverse order, rather than constructing the shell on the inside of a mould. The process is referred to as open mould manufacturing. Before manufacturing of a pool can begin, the mould is thoroughly cleaned and polished to give the pool its smooth shiny finish.

The Mosaic

The first layer to be applied to the mould is the mosaic. The chosen mosaic is attached to the mould and then saturated with a clear gel coat (see below) containing UV stabilisers to protect the mosaic in the harsh African summers.

The Gelcoat of Fibreglass Pools

The finish  on the inside of the pool is what you see when the pool is in the ground for you to swim in. It’s the second chemical solution to be applied to the mould and is applied as a gel (hence the name: gelcoat). The gelcoat then  hardens through a chemical bonding process that strengthens it. The gelcoat used by Cosmo Fibre-Tech Pools is High Performance Iso/ NPG Gelcoat. It is manufactured using purified isophthalic acid, which imparts to the gelcoat excellent scratch, stain and UV resistance, as well as good mechanical properties. The gelcoat that has high durability, including long-term resistance to weathering and chemical attack. As it is applied to a smooth mould it will be smooth and durable when released from the mould and it’s algae-resistant, which is great from a maintenance perspective.

Superior levels of service

Cosmo Fibre-Tech Pools

has become a favourite pool manufacturer by making the backyard pool affordable for more South African families.

Cosmo Fibre-Tech Pools

manufactures all its pools in-house from state-of-the-art manufacturing plant inR513 Brits Road, De Wildt, Hartebeespoort – ensuring you deal with one of the largest fibreglass swimming pool manufacturer in South Africa. We invite you to visit our factory, and experience first-hand how we manufacture our top quality shells, using only the best materials and most modern manufacturing equipment and methods.


Leading international manufacturers of fibreglass materials recommend the use of a matched isophthalic – NPG, high-performance gelcoat and resin system for maximum hydrolytic stability and strength.

Let’s try that in plain English.

Cosmo Fibre-Tech Pools shells are the stronger, superior and, have greater impact resistance, better resistance to ultra violet light, look better and will last longer.

About Cosmo pools


Cosmo Fibre-Tech Pools manufactures and supplies quality fibreglass swimming pools throughout South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. Our customers include swimming pool installers, retailers, distributors, the hospitality industry (hotels, lodges etc) and individuals wanting to install a pool themselves.

Because of the outstanding quality of our pools, our excellent customer service, and affordable prices, we have become one of the most well-known manufacturers of fiberglass swimming pools in the region. You can trust that Cosmo Fibre-Tech Pools will be able to meet all your swimming pool needs.

We like to move with the market, which is why we are continuously adding new moulds to our range. We are also more flexible than our competitors and can do custom shapes by combining moulds. Please contact us to discuss your ideas.

Cosmo Fibre-Tech Pools makes choosing the perfect swimming pool in Gauteng supplier easy. We are confident that we are the best: through our pricing, knowledge, and dedicated customer service.


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