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Here at Cosmo Fibre-Tech Pools we specialize in fiberglass pools! With almost a decades’ experience in swimming pool manufacturing we know the product inside and out. We are proud to offer a unique and modern range of fiberglass swimming pool shapes and sizes to meet all your swimming pool needs. Our mission is to deliver excellent customer service and superior quality pool shells to ensure client satisfaction.
With no fuss an easy installation can be completed in 5 – 7 days. All our pools have a 10-year structural guarantee and all equipment used with our installations carry the manufacturers warranty. Cosmo Fibre-Tech Pools are also available outside of the Gauteng! We deliver straight to your door with added installation/reline or renovation also available! Let us make your dream pool a reality, after all, life is better by the pool!
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Cosmo Fibre-Tech Pools are amongst the leading top 3 fibreglass pools manufacturers when it comes to strength, quality, finish and longivity. Our shells have been quality tested and results speak to themselves.


Our high-quality products are available at affordable prices.


We have a whopping 20 years experience collectively.


For us, durability, quality and finish is more important than saving costs on manufacturing, which is why we can offer a limited 10-year warranty.

Time to invest in you and your family.
Have you dreamed of owning your own swimming pool? A place to enjoy. To be with your family and friends. Your own slice of paradise. Right at home.

Now plan your own day of leisure.
Let us help you fulfill your dream and elevate your life. We have the perfect pool for any lifestyle that will make your home the ultimate retreat.
You have worked hard and this is your reward.
Take your life to the next level.

Did you know that a backyard fiberglass pool is an ideal choice in sticking with your New Year’s resolutions?

Durable, long-lasting and low-maintenance, a fiberglass pool will be your preferred path in finding opportunities every day to remain committed to your goals.

Composite fiberglass swimming pools are low maintenance so you can relax and enjoy our Life of Leisure.
Our composite fiberglass pools do not need a lot of chemicals to keep them clean the way concrete pools do.
Less chemicals means more fun in the water and a cleaner, healthier swim.
Composite fiberglass pools with their smooth, clean surfaces do not attract algae and bacteria the way concrete pools do. Less time worrying about scrubbing & chemicals means more fun in your pool.

Composite fiberglass pools are designed to be suitable for salt water pools.

Why a Salt Water Pool is great!
Salt Chlorinators: Perfectly Suited for Fiberglass Pools
Salt water pools are powered by salt chlorinators, also known as salt chlorine generators, and they’re all the rage for good reason.

They deliver a luxurious swimming experience, while reducing the time it takes pool owners to maintain their swimming pools.

Salt chlorine generators quite literally turn salt into chlorine for swimming pool water sanitization. They use electrolysis to create a pure form of chlorine from a small amount of ordinary salt. And the great news is that the salt is used over and over again.

The Science Behind Salt Chlorination
There are two components to a salt chlorinator: the salt cell that converts salt into chlorine and the control box that tells the salt cell when and for how long to produce chlorine.

Salt cells, also known as electrolytic converters, are installed on the return line of the pool’s plumbing. They must be installed behind the pump, filter and heater.

As a pool’s water passes through the salt chlorinator’s salt cell, a harmless electrical charge, generated by the control box, automatically converts the dissolved salt into chlorine.

The newly chlorinated water is then dispersed evenly throughout the pool by the return jets.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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Excellent experience !! Friendly, professional, helpful and always willing to assist. Pool looks great ! Thank you Christo and Team!

Professional and neat pool installers. Also stick to the turn around time that they initially promise. We can’t stop looking at our gorgeous pool. Thanx Christo, Alex and the rest of their team for a marvelous job done.

Excellence, reliability and great customers service extremely efficient.


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